Dude, what’s Dell doing?

Dell LogoTechcrunch.com is breaking the news that Dell is hosting a hush-hush invitation only press conference in Second Life Tuesday morning (November 14th) at 10:15am PST.  Rumor is that they will be launching a virtual Dell store targeted at gamers. 

I guess it really is hip to be virtual these days.

Read the whole Techcrunch article here.  Make sure you read the comments to the article.  I find it almost hillarious that the reporter who was invited to this exclusive event didn’t want to be bothered with creating a Second Life account to attend the event.  There are also a few people commenting that Dell should stick to making computers, and not waste time with virtual endeavors.

Having been “one of those” who was writing webpages in Notepad in the early 90’s, I remember businesses saying they didn’t see the point of putting up a webpage on this new thing called the Internet.

Some people are visionaries, others are just blind.  Who’s who?


One response to “Dude, what’s Dell doing?

  1. Even more than being a visionary thing, it just makes sense for a computer manufacturing company to advertise in a place that requires high-end computers.

    Even outside of that, the demographics of Second Life are pretty dreamy for electronics or computer companies. These are customers that are more likely to spend a few euros extra on high-end machines.

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