Basic MathOK, as stated in an early post, we’ve been debating how many islands to start with for the PacRimX island.  While I would love to kick off the PacRimX project with a full simulator, budget dictates that we start off conservatively, and add land as needed.

The big question has been 1 or 2 small islands.  1 or 2, 2 or 1, how many will work?  My person who is funding this project dropped in for a visit today.  I took him into Second Life to a 2 x 2 simulation, large island.  We flew across the width of the island, then walked back to where we started.  We went into a few of the buildings (it was the Edunation island), and got a feel for the space. 

We both sat there thinking.  Finally he spoke up and said, “I think we should go for three islands end to end, then as we need space we can build out from this initial landmass.”  Woooooot!!!  A 3 x 1 island mass should work very well.  I don’t like the idea of a boomerang island, as you would not be able to fly corner to corner.  And logically, this will give us three zones to set up different property rights on. 

One end of the island will be for the California students, the other end for the Japanese students, and the center will be the collaborative area.  The PO gets cut first thing in the morning, and the order will be officially placed for the island. 

Too bad it won’t be ready for the long Thanksgiving weekend.  I took next Wednesday off to make it a 5-day weekend.  I bet I could have made some serious progress over that time on getting the island going. 

So here we go, it’s going to be a fun adventure . . . . . . 


3 responses to “Woot!!!

  1. Wow!! Well done, that’s incredible!!
    We found a single island sufficient for 20-30 US and Dutch students and tutors. We let students have their own space by creating plots of land in the sky for personal use, and the ground was for collaborative work. If you need a hand terraforming, my SL avi is Katie Farina and my TSL avi is Katherine Farrell.

    What age of students are you working with?

  2. btw this might be useful to you – there are lots of lesson ideas for introducing and developing SL skills.

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