Shopping Spree

Ok, no updates for a few days.  I’ve been busy gathering supplies for the transfer from the main grid of Second Life to the private island on the teen grid.  It’s a one way trip, with no trips back for vacation.  I found some great free stuff available on the main grid, and have purchased some quality buildings to kick start the PacRimX Island project.  Over time we will build unique buildings on the islands, but using prefab now will allow us to get the island up and online quickly. I spent quite a few hours this weekend with my partner in this project over in Japan, running around SL showing him how it works, and helping to select buildings for the island.  We are now just waiting for a place to put all those new  items.

In the meantime, we are starting to draw up the code of conduct for the island.  We are also going to have to draw up some tutorials, some FAQ’s, and some notes on how to get around in SL.  So much work and so little time.  We are hopeful that we can have something up by December 8th, as they have an open house in Japan and would like to show off the island.  We hope to have the first rough cut of the island inside of a week of it coming online on the teen grid.  I’ll post screenshots as we move from bare land to a thriving island.  Keep checking back to keep updated our progress. 

Well, not enough sleep last night<yawn>, I was up too late working on getting island supplies.  So it’s off to bed with dreams of virtual islands in my head. 


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