Coming Soon . . .

Coming SoonWell, I got word tonight that the islands may rez on Monday.  Keep your fingers crossed.  This would be great news, as the school in Japan has an Open House on December 8th.  It would be really great to have a demo set up on the island to show the potential of this project to the parents and students of the school. 

There is a great deal of buzz building over this project on both sides of the Pacific.  Here in my district we already have a list of next projects for this environment, and over in Japan they are busy ordering computers for the new lab that will support these islands.  In Japan, they have already expanded the base of students that will be allowed to participate in this project.  So here we sit, anxiously awaiting our virtual islands so we can start to terraform them into our dreams.  I will have pictures of the barren landscape posted as soon as it comes online. 

Da plane. Da plane.
Smiles, everyone… smiles!


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