Suzanne Vega in SL

Suzanne VegaHere is a link to the Suzanne Vega Concert that took place on August 3rd in Second Life

There’s a great blog article of this interview and performance on My Digital Double (added to the Blogroll to the right).  This blog was a random discovery tonight as I searched out the lastest news on Second Life.  Robbie Dingo runs a shop in SL that sells musical instruments, thus the tie in with the concert.

This interview was conducted at the Infinite Mind property in SL.  There’s a four part series called “Through the Looking Glass” that was taped in SL and broadcast in October.  The series covers various aspects of virtual communities, virtual culture, virtual music and the transmission of experience.  This is yet another example of a creative use of these virtual world technologies. 

I truly believe that we are seeing the leading edge of a coming tsunami of educational and cultural uses of these technologies that will push this deep into the mainstream, and out of the niche gaming markets.  How cool is that?


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