Da Plane! Da Plane! Smiles Everyone!

Well, the island has rezzed!!!!  As of yesterday (December 5, 2006) PacRimX Island is online.  Claudia and Blue, two Linden Lab representatives, handed me the keys to our shiny new island.  It’s made up of three small islands in an “L” cofiguration.  Our next island that we add to this landmass will fill in the missing square and make one large square area. This initial island configuration should be sufficient for the intitial stages of this project. 

Here is a picture of the island being handed over to me (Claudia on the left, Blue on the right).  I asked for 3′ elevation, no water across all three islands. 

Deeding of PacRimX Island

I have several buildings online now, and am starting to work on the multimedia items for the island.  I am home working today to try to meet the deadline to have something online for the Kyoto Open House this Saturday (Friday afternoon PST).  In addition to a tour of the island (the small parcel we will have done), we are also planning a video conference in RL between Modesto and Kyoto.  It’s very exciting to finally see this virtual island becoming a reality (is that an Oxymoron?).

One more picture before getting back to work.  I have my “virtual office” set up on the second floor of the western mansion in the welcoming area.  Now I really can say that I am working (should work for both my boss and my wife, NOT!).

Aero’s Office on PacRimX

Well, I’ve got to get back at it.  I hope to have some pictures up later today of the welcome center for the Island.  I am booked up tomorrow with meetings and a visit to Linden Labs!  I can’t wait to thank Claudia and Blue in person for all that they have done to help us meet our timeline for getting this island up and online.  They have, and continue to be, the best in getting us through the starting stages of our project.  The adventure is only just beginning. 

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