First sunset on PacRimX

Late last night, or was it early this morning, the first sunset on the PacRimX Island went down in the history books (of PacRimX).  At 2:30am PST/LT (Linden Time), we set down our construction tools and signed off from our first day of building on the island.  We are focusing on the welcoming area of the island right now.  This will be the first place people come when they arrive on the island.  There are plenty of places to meet and talk in this area.  We will have a sandbox area near this center that will get students accustomed to the building tools that are available “in-world”, and allow them to build on open land with full rights. 

Our flag collection has been started with our two national flags, soon to be joined by our school flags (the image upload is not functional yet).  It was a good first day’s work, with many more hours that lay ahead.   

 First sunset on PacRimX Island


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