Photo Album Online

CameraAfter a long hard day of laying out the Welcome Center, I took a little more time to put together a photo album of the first day of work on the island.  This is our first developed area on the island.  Will it stay this way?  Who knows.  Only time will tell if what we have laid down as the first lot will fit the need.  We do know that the majority of the land will be developed by the students, not us.  This is a giant work in progress.  We hope to have the first students online by February.  A lot of work remains behind the scenes before this can happen.  So click the Photo Album link above, and flip through our first series of pictures from the island.

I cannot post this photo album without making mention of the many talented people who sell (and even give away) their wares on services like SLX Exchange, SL Boutique, and the many in-world stores on the main grid.  If anyone is considering starting an island, I would strongly recommend that they take a week or two, spend some time shopping and finding items that will help you kick start your island before you are transferred.  The first impression is usually the most important.  By purchasing professionally developed buildings, landscaping, furnishings, multimedia items, etc. you will start off quickly and professionally.  Over time the residents of your island can supplement, and possibly replace, these early structures and furnishings.   


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