Phase Two of Island Construction

Linden Labs has completed the initial pest control stage, and has rid our island of all obvious bugs.  Now that we have all the obvious bugs fixed, we have added more users to the island.  Three administrators and three students were added this past week.  We now have multiple groups on the island, we are subdividing land, and we are getting accustomed to the estate tools.  Right now we can’t seem to get the video or radio to play for the new groups. 

Sandbox StudentsThis next phase could not have hit at a better time.  Chris Flesuras III is home for the holidays from Japan.  My triplets are out of school for the holidays.  And all of the schools in my district are out for the next two weeks.  We have set up a few computers in one of our training labs to conduct SL workshops over the next two weeks.  Every year at this time my boys like to go to work with me.  This year they will get to use this lab to share their experience with others on Second Life. 

They have never owned land, and have had two years to hone their skills on avatar creation and basic scripting.  This next week we have a few children of some of my employees coming in to learn about Teen Second Life.  The week after we have the new admin/teachers, Chris III, and a professor from a local college coming in to learn about how to use Second Life.  The creativity level is about to get ratcheted up to the next level with all these new people. 

Last night my kids were flying around telling me where I needed to “fix” things.  They also found a hidden space that was the side effect of placing a building.  They told me that we should build a secret hideaway there.  So we spent a few hours fixing this space up into a very interesting location.  Now we will have to see how quickly it is found by others. 

The month of January is going to be very busy.  We will be getting the island tweaked out to accept the new residents.  I think we still have some learning to be done with the estate tools and land settings.  We also now must start putting together the code of conduct for the island, the procedures for getting cleared for an account, and some of the early curriculum for the island.  As you can see from the above picture, one of our first lessons will be a bridge building excercise using a student from Kyoto and Modesto for each bridge. 

One other area that we must get worked out is what voice server/service we will be using.  This island will not be complete without the ability to hear the other residents.  I have started trying to learn some Japanese (as I plan to travel to Kyoto a year from April).  I very much look forward to having some real life teachers on the island to tell me how some of these words are pronounced.

CastleThis has been a very interesting project so far.  I am really looking forward to seeing life breathed into the island in the form of all the new residents who will soon be arriving from our two countries. 

This blank canvas is ready for all of these new residents and their brushes to start painting this new virtual world.  What a great way to start the new year and the next phase of this project. 


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