Play Day on TSL

Students in Lab working in SL

What to do during the winter break?  Today we had several students involved with the PacRimX project teaching students who are new to TSL how to get around and how to make things.  It was a lot of fun and there are a few more residents in TSL as of today.  A few new friends were made in RL and in TSL as the longtime student residents introduced their new friends in RL to their longtime friends in TSL. 

The servers were a little wonky today, as the avatars clothing were not loading properly, and they actually had very jagged rough shapes to them.  We checked the official SL blog and saw no mention of the problems, so we sent in an email reporting them.  This all started only a few hours after we had started working in TSL.  Plans to work on avatars were quickly scrubbed in favor of building buildings, playing with vehicle objects, and an intense paintball game. 

Everyone had such a great time in TSL today, that we are getting back together tomorrow in hopes that they can all work on their avatars.  Look for a few more pics in the Photo Album and on our Flickr page.


One response to “Play Day on TSL

  1. Hello from Trieste, Italy. I am the Director (Superintendent) of a K-9 International School and I also teach grade 8 Language Arts this year (our class blog is Long story short- I am very interested in the Second Life project as you are doing it between your school and the one in Japan. In fact, I have set up an exchange between my school and a school in Philadelphia, PA (my home town) and the possibilities of my kids and the ones in Philly communicating through avatars on an island set up just for them is perfect for them to get to know each other in the run up to the exchange in May-June.
    I have bookmarked the pacificrimx site and will stay in tune to it. Please respond if you are at all interested in connecting a middle school grade 8 group with my class from Trieste, and perhaps the school in Philadelphia.
    Take care- thanks for your writing on this topic- it has given me one of those “epiphany” moments where I am sure that I have found the perfect spark to get my students thinking, creating and learning. Thanks. Jim Pastore

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