Visit to Linden Lab – Chris Flesuras III

I was very impressed with the reception we got from the Linden Lab family at their San Francisco office.  It is obvious to me that the project will have plenty of support from the people we met; in particular, Claudia, who we’ve been in constant contact with since it began.  While the benefits of PacRim Xchange are obvious to all of us, I think it would be difficult for us to succeed in this endeavour without such dedication from all sides of the project. 

Some of the other people we met were Eric Linden and Jean Linden.  Eric is better known for the SL Machinima film “Silver Bells and Golden Spurs” though he does alot of art design for the company and is one of the people responsible for all the freebie stuff you are given in you inventory folder.  He allowed us to take a look at the virtual set of his film and gave us some helpful tips about how to create detailed and realistic looking structures using textures created from digital pictures.  For those of you who have not seen “Silver Bells and Golden Spurs”, it is a story put to verse about two gunslingers from the Wild West.  The sets he created were incredibly realistic, and by using a few simple techniques using prims and textures he was able to add some “depth” to the mining town. 

In person, he was a very engaging person to talk to and didn’t seem to mind all of our questions.  We also met a young woman by the name of Jean who is researching projects such as ours to better understand the benefits of international exchange projects through Second Life.  She will be forwarding us the results of these studies, which will be useful for creating techniques that facilitate proper cooperation between our students in Japan and the students of Modesto City Schools. 

I thought this trip was a great idea, and it is nice to put names (or avatars) to faces in the real world.  I would especially like to thank Stan and Claudia for arranging this and I look forward to seeing everyone again on the island…

Chris Flesuras III (co-founder and new regular contributor to the blog)

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