Visit to Linden Lab – Moonshadow (student)

Moonshadow ModestoLast Friday, my family, Ula, Chris, Chris’ Mom, Rodney and his wife, and I went to visit Linden Lab. We had a discussion with Claudia and Jean about how the project was going, and we got to ask questions about Second Life.

We were then taken back to the main office to talk to Eric Call about Second Life. He showed my brothers and I the set of “Silver Bells, Golden Spurs”, a video in the Wild West made totally in Second Life.

They also gave us a Second Life T-shirt and a cube that says “It All Starts With A Cube” on it that lights up and changes colors. After that, we went out into the lobby and took a picture with Jean, Claudia, Chris, Rodney, my family, and I.


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