Visit to Linden Lab – Temeraire (student)

Temeraire ModestoOn Friday, December 29, me and a group of people from my dad’s work went on a tour at Linden Lab. The people on the tour were Moonshadow, Giere, Ula, Stan (my dad), Kellie (my mom), Rodney, Chris, me, and a few other people.


When we were entering Linden Lab, we saw a person with a shirt that said ‘Will work for L$ (Linden, which is the currency in Second Life)’. When we entered Linden Lab, there were three big pictures of SL avatars, and one of them was a furry. The first Linden that we met was Claudia Linden, and she was really nice, and was basically our guide. The second Linden that we met was Jean Linden, and she talked about a new translator for Second Life, her background, and asked if we had any questions.


Another Linden that we met was Eric Linden, and he showed us the set of the movie “Silver Bells and Golden Spurs”, and how he built it. He also showed us a way to build things easily. He said if you want to build a house in Second Life, import a blueprint of a real house and use it as a guide.  Same thing with other object, import a picture and use it as a guide for building it in Second Life. 


While we were at Linden Lab, we saw a variety of different shirts that people were wearing, including one with a furry avatar head on it. When we left, we got a cube that glows that had the words on it “It all starts with a cube”, a shirt that said the same thing, and a few of their business cards. Their business cards are really small and have a picture of their avatar on the back. Eric’s was a cool 3D animated postcard like business card that shows a shootout from his movie when you tilt it. The tour was really fun, and I learned a few new things while I was there.


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