Visit to Linden Lab – Ula (student)

Ula Modesto - StudentUla Modesto is our newest addition to the student liason group.  She is new to Second Life and learning all the basic skills needed to survive on the island.  This is her first blog entry on our visit to Linden Lab:

While in San Francisco with Stan, Kellie, and their boys we went to the Second Life building place thingy. The two women from Second Life allowed us to ask them questions. Chris, a Japanese teacher who’s into Second Life, asked them about the translator and how many languages were translated. We all got cool cubes that changed color and business cards. We also got shirts that were compressed into a tiny square and took a group photo. Stan got the people to sign some guide books for Second Life. I brought my book but forgot it in the car. I hope to learn a lot more about Second Life and the Japanese culture.”


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