New Amphitheater

Ampitheater Balcony

It won’t be long until the students invade the island.  In preparing for their arrival we just finished building a large gathering area, an amphitheater of sorts.  I’ve searched the main grid high and low looking for a model for a good design.  I’ve never seen one that I actually like.  Seating is usually forced, and it’s a rare event when someone loads the seats with poses.  Instead, you are often forced to make multiple attempts to sit down on a surface while actually faces the stage.  So on New Year’s Eve I started to construct this new area.  I knew what I wanted as far as the general layout and materials to be used.  I started putting things together, leaving that ever fateful moment of setting up seating until the end.

My boys were watching as I built this area, and were off in the sandbox experimenting with their own buildings.  When all was done, and I sat staring at the screen wondering where to go next with the seating, I asked one of them for their opinion.  After much discussion it was decided that it would be much “cooler” to allow the students to bring their own seating to the events.  This way they could be creative, bring seating for themselves, or seating for several students.  The seats could be arranged to meet the need of the gathering, and not be forced with some predefined layout.  Who am I to force structure on anyone?  I agreed, and stopped the building where it was.  Now that I’ve gotten used to the idea, I think I like it.

I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of more students to the island, as they will be the source of inspiration for further development of the island.  And I am sure that it will be much different than this “old timer” would have come up with based on years of real world (and “old school”) experience. 

Tomorrow should be an exciting and productive day.  We have a group of PacRimX people coming to an all day workshop in one of the labs in Modesto.  We are going to do some shared training in SL, and then work on some of the island guidelines, and the student code of conduct.  Each of these developments will move us closer to actually letting the students onto the island. 

Check our Photo Album page, or our Flickr page for more pictures of this new area.


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