New York Times article on Education in Second Life

Sarah RobbinsThere is an excellent article in the New York Times Sunday Edition today on “The Ultimate Distance Learning“.  The article focuses on projects being conducted at the University level in Second Life, highlighting the distance learning aspects of the virtual environment. 

Sarah Robbins, AKA Intelligirl, teaches at Ball State and is featured in this article.  She has been writing her blog “Second Life Education Research” since June of 2006, and covers a broad range of subjects for educators wanting to learn more about Second Life.  This is an excellent article in a major newspaper.  More stories of this type need to be published to illustrate the very real educational projects taking place in these brave new virtual worlds that were previously dominated by “gamers”. 

With Universities like New York University, Pepperdine, and Harvard now conducting classes in Second Life and the MacArthur Foundation’s announcement of a five year $50 million dollar digitial media and learning initiative, Second Life and Linden Lab have passed their entrance exams and are now part of the campus experience.

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