Modesto Bee Article on PacRimX

Stan giving demoThe Modesto Bee did an article on the PacificRimX Island in the Sunday, January 14th issue.  The article is posted to the online edition of the Modesto Bee as “Virtual Reality“.  The article was written by Merrille Balassone, the Bee’s K12 reporter.

She came in last week and spent a few hours on Monday morning getting a tour of the island and getting a history lesson in virtual worlds and online MMO’s.  She is very curious about this new technology and really wants to understand it.  I really appreciated the time she invested in this story.

I’ve not seen the printed version of the article yet, so I don’t know what pictures might have been used there.  She brought the photographer back late Monday to get pictures and screenshots.  We had a lot of fun taking group screenshots of all the students that are online now helping with the island.  I will post those pictures when I get back to work Tuesday.  You can see one of these shots in the background of this picture.

I believe that Merrille is planning another student centric article after the island launches, and she can interview the students on how they like the PacRimX Island.  I was glad that Chris Flesuras III was able to give his input to this article, as was Intellagirl

Thank you Merrill for shining a spotlight on our little corner of the educational virtual world of Teen Second Life.  We need more stories about education in virtual worlds to promote these uses of this new technology.  The students already get it, it’s the adults who still need to know about all the possibilities.   


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