BBC to launch Kid’s Virtual World

The Guardian Unlimited has a story up today: “BBC launches ‘Second Life for Kids’” 

From reading the article, it appears that their target market will be younger kids, most likely pre-teens.  There is no mention of Linden Lab specifically in the article, so it is not clear if this is really Linden Lab’s Second Life that they are using, or something else. 

As more information comes out about this project, it will be interesting to see what their target market and demographic will be (specifically the age group).  Also, will this be on the Teen Grid, or some independent grid of islands specifically set up for the BBC?   

————– UPDATE ——————-

Now that I was able to find the original post from BBC, this does not appear to be using the Second Life platform.  It would appear that The Guardian used the term ‘Second Life’, and did not mean to imply that the BBC project used Second Life from Linden Lab. 

Here’s the link to the actual BBC article:  BBC Plans Online Children’s World


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