The Virtual Worlds Lecture @ MJC

MJC Virtual Worlds Lecture

Last night was the Virtual Worlds lecture at Modesto Junior College. Bruce Damer, author of Avatars! was giving the lecture via a videoconference link. Unlike other videoconferences, we had the camera on our end pointed at the screen so Bruce could keep track of what slide was being displayed.

For a full story of the day’s events, see the blog entry below. Everyone had a great time, and comments from the audience after the presentation indicated that this virtual presence of Bruce actually enhanced the experience of the subject matter. We were “walking the talk” of virtuality last night in the way the presentation was given.

I’ve posted three images to the Photo Album page of last night’s event. I will load up more pictures to the Flickr page on Monday, once I get back to work and get the pictures from a coworker who was snapping shot during the event.

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