Collaborative Building in Second Life

YouTube SL Blueprint

When we went as a group to Linden Lab in San Francisco, before New Year’s, the students were able to go “in the back” and spend about an hour with Eric Call, Lead Graphic Designer and Machinima Expert.  Eric was sharing some tips and tricks with the students about how to build complex objects and buildings in SL.  One of the things they were really obsessed with after the visit was going out to look at new houses. 

There was a hidden agenda in this sudden interest in looking at new houses, an activity that had previously rated up there with the dentist on the student eagerness scale.  They wanted to get their hands on some house blueprints.  We’ve been so busy this past month that we’ve not been able to go out and get any detailed designs for houses.  Today a post went up on the SLED Listserv for a video of a group of people building a house in SL.  This is a collaborative effort to build this house.  It’s a time lapse movie of a house being built from a set of blueprints laying on the ground providing guidance for the placement of walls, doors and appliances.  This video is well worth a watch and a bookmark in your browser:

Video: Building a House from Blueprints in SL:
Video submitted to YouTube by Keystone1111

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