More Students Coming to PacRimX

Today the student agreement for participation in the PacRimX project was given to the high school teachers that attended training last week.  Each teacher was asked to bring back 1 -3 students to come to the island.  These students will get full training on how Second Life works, how the island was set up, and what we will be doing once the exchange students start coming online in late March. 

It is expected that the students coming on next week will be taught by the founding four students on the island now.  Then, when the exchange students arrive, the entire group of students will be available as ambassadors for the island, teaching the exchange students the ropes of the island.  With a larger pool of students on the island, we will be able to start testing the voice server, translator, and other group based objects.  They will also likely bring more new ideas to the island.  The four students online now are looking forward to these new students arriving on the island.

As late March approaches, we will keep making small strides towards getting the island ready.  Does this qualify as “March Madness?” 


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