Monster Interviews

MonsterFox News had an interesting article on Valentine’s Day:

Recruiting Agency Plans Job Fairs, Interviews in ‘Second Life’

TMP Worldwide was officially renamed Monster Worldwide in 2003.  If you are at all involved with the tech world, it would be amazing if you had never heard of Monster, the online job search service.  They are the oldest and largest firm of their type on the Internet. (How fitting is their name? I guess “2,000lb Gorilla” was too long for the ads). 

When I was emailed this article I thought “Yeah right, interviews in Second Life.  Like that’s going to work.”  I am a manager, and I’ve done my share of interviewing over the years.  In my opinion, nothing can replace a good face-to-face discussion with a job candidate to cut through the resume fluff and get down to the core competencies of the applicant.  Observing their body language is also critical during the interview process. 

How on Earth, or in virtual space, could an interview be held in Second Life?  Well, looking beyond the headline, Monster is only planning on conducting screening interviews in Second Life.  That makes a lot more sense.  I sit and screen applications for tech jobs all the time.  There’s always a few questions that pop up with any application and resume.  The ability to have a quick live exchange would be beneficial.  And since Monster has made their success on recruiting over the Internet, conducting these in virtual space makes perfect sense. 

The really cool thing about a virtual job fair is that it could be a persistent event, one that is not bound by hours or days, but instead contained in virtual space independent of time.  Informational displays could be set up for recruiting companies, interested candidates could drop their resume, and be contacted via email to coordinate their screening interview.  Seems like a good use of the platform to me, I would participate in this process. 

New and unique applications using the Second Life platform continue to emerge.  It’s hard to deny that something is happening here.  More corporate projects, and more educational projects are being announced every day.  It is encouraging to see these projects entering this space, and trying to establish new uses that go beyond entertainment. 

** This story was submitted by Brad Cornwell, one of the high school teachers in the PacRimX Project


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