Advanced Teaching Technologies – Brave New World

Campus Technology just put up an excellent article on new technologies for teaching:

Advanced Teaching Technologies – Brave New World

“The benefit of educational MUVEs is that students will be more motivated to learn rather than when they are simply given a textbook to study and test from,” says Jeff Cooper, an education technology support consultant for the Tapped In HelpDesk, and adjunct professor at Concordia University (OR). “With MUVEs, learning becomes interactive and studentcentered, which is in line with the modern pedagogy of constructivism.”

“Another limitation is psychological in nature. “Most schools ban anything with a ‘gaming’ interface or live chat,” says Cooper. “There is deep-seated antagonism toward games and anything gamelike in education. For some reason, educators feel that anything fun can’t be educational, which couldn’t be further from the truth.” And as with any internet site, there are possibilities for abuse, from students acting out, to sexual predators logging in. Almost all MUVEs have significant safeguards to mitigate both risks.”

This is one to bookmark, print out, email and pass along to other educators and administrators.  Not much hype here, just a good hard look at the current state of educational MUVE technology. 


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