Teaching in SL

SL Official GuideBeth Ritter-Ruth has posted an excellent article on her blog:

Literature Alive! And other Tales

She teaches community college students, and talks about Literature Alive!, part of the Community College without borders project.  She discusses the layout on the Knightsbridge sim, and how she uses her house there to teach her students.  She also discusses education in SL, the risks and benefits. 

Beth is another educator that is out there in Second Life using the platform for teaching students, and sharing her experiences with others.  Her work with the Literature Alive! project is similar to PacRimX, in that it allows her to reach across the ocean to another country and interact with students she would never have had the opportunity to meet in real life. 

This is a very good article, and well worth a hop over to her blog to read it.  And while you’re there, bookmark her blog.  It’s well worth a regular visit to read her writings on SL and education (you’ll also find a link off to the right in the blogroll).   


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