Phone Home Avatar

BeautyTechnology Review Magazine has an article up on a new phone service that allows your avatar to text others inside, and out of Second Life.

New Portal to Second Life: Your Phone

Comverse, the creators of this java based software, were demonstrating this in their booth at the 3GSM conference in Barcelona, Spain.  The service allows the user to log in and see who else is online.  They can then IM the other users using their phone.  The opposite is also true, avatars in-world can pick up a phone and message those logged in from their phone.

The company also showed software that would allow this to run from any IP connected device, like a set top box.  My kids are always playing their Nintendo Wii.  That now has the Opera Browser in beta which supports JAVA.  This new technology could really open up the different ways that you could intereact with others in Second Life. 

With teachers running education projects in Second Life, some sort of thin client would be nice to allow them to communicate and interact with their students in-world without having to load up the full client and actually be in-world.  A teacher could have their class set up like a friend’s list in IM, and see who’s online and initiate chat with them, or take questions from them, without having to log into Second Life. 

 Pretty cool stuff.  Check out the full article at Technology Review Magazine. 


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