I have started another blog related to this project.  I am planning on going to Kyoto Japan in April of 2008.  As part of the preparation for this trip, I am going to attempt to learn some basic Japanese (both speaking and writing).  Quite the task to undertake, as I’ve never ventures beyond English before (not even in school). 

This blog will chronicle my journey over the next year.  I will share my resources I am using to learn the language.  I will post links to sites of interest for others learning Japanese.  And I will post pictures and stories of those who I encounter on this journey.  It should be fun, and it will give me an outlet for the energy that will be generated from this process. 

The blog is called Me2Japan and can be found at:  I’ve also added a link to the Blog Roll. 


One response to “Me2Japan

  1. Wow I envy you being able to plan and attack this upcoming trip. You will be successful and have a better trip because of it.



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