Interview for Japanese Publication


Chris and I had an interview tonight on the Main Grid of Second Life.  We had tried really hard to have this on our island.  However, the TOS of the Teen Grid prevented us from doing so.  The reporter that was interviewing us has never had a background check, and in Japan, those can be quite long and drawn out.  So we conducted it on a Japanese Business Sim on the Main Grid.  This was a very interesting area, complete with a Japanese language beginner area. 

This area can be found at:

Metabirds 148, 158, 26
Japanese BUSINESS SIM – Metabirds

Very cool place.  It seemed like the perfect place to hold this interview, since we could not do it on the PacRimX island.  I will have to come back once I have a better handle on the Japanese language (in a year maybe?).  It’s nice to know that efforts are underway to build welcome areas for non-English speaking residents. 

We won’t know if this article gets published for a month or so.  If it does, we will post a link here at the blog.  It will be the first Japanese publication to carry a story on PacRimX. 


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