Lego MMO

Lego Star WarsKotaku is reporting that an MMO based on Lego is in the works.

Lego MMO Revealed

All of my kids, both young and old, have always loved the Lego games, especially the Star Wars series.  Every kid knows that you can build anything with Legos.  Imagine a user created world ala Second Life built out of Legos.  Yes, there it is, you can see it now.  How wonderful and amazing will that be?  This will not only appeal to the under 13 crowd.  There are plenty of complex things that can be built with Legos.

I imagine this MMO might just end up being everyone’s Third Life. 


One response to “Lego MMO

  1. Well, I missed that bit of news. That would be fantastic! I never really got into Second Life but something with a lego theme would add that special quirkiness that I love about the Star Wars Legos games.

    Man, I’m looking forward to this!

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