LittleBigPlanet Editor

LittleBigPlanetI did a blog entry last night on the upcoming Sony Playstation Home service.  I stated that players will be able to join in on multiplayer games with others from within this service. 

The game that is getting all the buzz is Little Big Planet.  Kotaku has a short story up with a video of the level editor:

GDC07: The LittleBigPlanet Editor in Action

Take a peek at the video at this link and tell me if the editor for in-game objects looks at all familiar? 

LBP Editor

This is really a very slick demo of the power of the editor for this globally created game.  The levels for this game will be created by the users of Sony Playstation Home.  The graphics are very sharp and comical 3D, and they have a very nice rendered look to them.  All of the objects also have physics attributed to them.  I can imagine that some very creative levels will be created using this editor. 

Here are some more links to LittleBigPlanet Stories:

Video from Kotaku of LittleBig Planet gameplay

GDC07: Sony Reveals LittleBigPlanet from Kotaku

Sony Unveils Cooperative Platformer: LittleBigPlanet – Joystiq

See the trend here?  User created content and cooperative gameplay online.  This is the key to success with any of today’s online virtual spaces.  Are you listening Blizzard? 

These recent announcements from Sony only expand the existing virtual worlds market and will pull in new demographics for virtual world platforms.  This single online environment could possibly bring in millions of users of the Sony Playstation Home service.  After cranking away on creating levels to share with the world of LittleBigPlanet, these users are going to want the next thing that has more options for customization and user created content, and also player cooperation and interaction.  Think of  LittleBigPlanet as a virtual world with training wheels. 

Can you feel the momentum building yet?  “The virtual ants come marching one by one, Hurrah! Hurrah!”   


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