Can you hear me now?

There’s an excellent post up on Network Performance Daily about the new voice feature coming to Second Life:

Joe Miller of Linden Labs speaks about VoIP in Second Life.

The most telling quotes from the article are these:

“The actual bandwidth requirement for this particular codec is quite low for the frequencies it’s carrying… We’re using well-under 100kbps of signal to take and send this audio stream, that won’t put a dent in the traffic we send to and from our servers to maintain our visual services,” Miller said.

“We have dynamic channels we can assign on the fly to large events. If we get a surge of traffic into a particular set of regions in Second Life, we can automatically and dynamically assign additional channels to handle the load without creating stress on the other parts of the Second Life grid. … Monitoring systems that run on our core switches and routers that allow us to see at any moment in time how much bandwidth we’re using – in different parts of the day, different parts of the system, different physical locations of the grid.”

People on the SLED Listserv were expressing concern today that voice was going to negatively impact the performance of Second Life, already stressed when concurrent online users hits 30,000.  Apparently, there’s nothing to worry about. 

Go check out the post for all the gorey technical details (you know you want to). 

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