Physics? What Physics?

After a discussion on the SLED Listserv today, I am posting some snapshots of a simple structure I built on the PacRimX Island to demonstrate that people need to break free of the constraints of the real world when making things in Second Life. 

This is a square sheet of glass that floats about 50 feet off the ground. We have placed the seating cushions on the bottom side of the surface, with a plant and torches on the top.

Glass Platform 1

Here it is looking down on it from above.  As you notice, the cushions poke through the glass.  This provides a really neat effect.  When you are seated upside down on one of the cushions, and click “Stand”, your avatar will rotate up and end up standing on the glass platform.  We are using pose balls on the cushions to get a good seated pose on the cushions.

Glass Seating 2

Here is the view from below.  As you can see, there are a bunch of candles floating in the air between the seat cushions.  I placed a low table in the middle, set the candles out, then removed the table and staggered the distance between the candles and the sheet of glass.  The candles are upright, as the candles burn up.  These candles were purchased, so I cannot alter the scripts to change the direction of the flame.

Glass Seating 3

Here’s a shot of me (right) sitting with one of my sons.  His avatar is a clone of mine.  I provided him with the textures, but he did everything else.  Pretty darn good considering that his is from scratch.  It took him about an hour to get his avatar created.  My wings open when I fly, his do not.  Pretty cool.

I found this to be a very quick and easy demo to show others that you can literally build anything in Second Life.  Let go of the constraints of the real world when thinking about things to build in the virtual world of SL.  The possibilities are endless. 

4 responses to “Physics? What Physics?

  1. This is wonderful…so much building in SL looks like…well a suburban mall. I see enough of those in RL…why should I se them in SL?

  2. > These candles were purchased, so I cannot alter the scripts to change the direction of the flame.

    Doesn’t that strike you as *wrong*?

  3. Aquablue Courier

    This is fabulous!! Can I visit?

  4. Nice work Stan. I don’t have an island (yet!) but on my campus plot I left it to my students to build… well whatever they like. We have perhaps the most random space in Campus North, but we spend enough of our time in classrooms without having to build them in SL too.
    (Mind you, if I was doing distance learning where we didn’t have physical classrooms I’d be much more likely to use an auditorium of some kind)

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