Weather Channel Island

Weather ChannelThere was  a press release today announcing that The Weather Channel is opening a Weather Island in Second Life. 

“”Weather Island” will be available to visitors beginning today. The island will serve as a headquarters for The Weather Channel, host an extreme sports park as well as provide a destination to screen premiere episodes of the new program “Epic Conditions.”

The debut of Weather Island on Second Life is another example of The Weather Channel embracing technology to reach weather enthusiasts. “Be it with our unique and original cable programming,, our mobile or our broadband efforts, we are constantly providing weather to our audience in new and innovative ways,” says Debora Wilson, president, The Weather Channel Companies. “With Second Life, we’re hopeful we can expose our brand in an original and meaningful way. We also see Second Life as a potential advertising platform for brands currently partnering with us.””

Go check the link for the full details on this new island in Second Life. 


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