S!Town on your phone

S!TownA new video was posted to YouTube today:

3D world on your mobile

“Rob Osborn from Gemini Mobile (which was funded $20 million by Goldman Sachs) tells about their new service Explo, that brings together 3D navigation, user chat and photo sharing.”

When I first started to watch the video I was thinking “So what, this could just as easily been done without that little avatar in the foreground.  This is simply 3D rotating menus for manipulating the phone<yawn>.”

Then, towards the end of the video, he gives a demo of S!Town, a project that is launching in Japan.  Hello, this looks a little more interesting.  This is looking like Second Life lite. 

So with the SL client in open source now, how long until someone releases a phone client for a simplified SL?  This is a nice little peak at what’s in development, and what’s being rolled out in other parts of the world (why are we always the last to get this cool stuff in the US?).  Very cool.

BTW: Anyone else think this looks just a little bit like Animal Crossing?


One response to “S!Town on your phone

  1. Comverse will be releasing a phone client for SL sometime this summer. They demonstrated software at the 3GSM conference in Barcelona that allows users with Java-based, Internet-capable phones to log in to Second Life remotely.

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