MOO Mini Cards ala SL

Moo CardsIf you’ve ever visited the Linden Lab offices in San Francisco, one of the first things to catch your eye are the mini-buiness cards.  I have a few here on my desk, and hope to expand my collection during an upcoming visit. 

These graphic LL business cards actually inspired me to add a back to my standard businsess cards for the PacRimX project (see below).

Now you can have your own mini-cards:
MOO offering Second Life Mini-cards

Now you too can have cool mini-cards displaying your avatar image and message of your choice.  On one visit with my Network Manager, he commented “do I add water to this” when handed one of these business cards.  I think these are very cool, and a refreshing change to the standard business card of the corporate world.

I wish I had known about this service a month ago when I ordered 500 new business cards. 

Back Card
Back of new business cards


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