Second Life Comes to Japan


Mainichi Daily News, MSN, has an article up today on the imminent Japan launch of Second Life:

Computer game offers ‘Second Life’ to those who don’t have one

This is a basic informational article on the release of Second Life in Japan. 

A few quotes from the article:

“Thanks to the imminent release of a Japanese language version, more Nipponjin are set to live a “Second Life,” with critics warning the online game could be a danger to those who don’t even have a first one, according to Shukan Shincho.”

“This is the first large-scale online game where real money is involved. It’ll be interesting to see whether the cops will be prepared to deal with disputes that have occurred within the game. I can see all sorts of social problems coming out of this.”

It will be interesting to see how this program is accepted in Japanese society.  One observation from Chris Flesuras (teacher with PacRimX project, Kyoto) during the Open House back in December in Kyoto was that most Japanese are regular players of console games, and using a keyboard to interact with a program like Second Life is something new to many in Japan.

Chris Flesuras will soon start updating this blow with links and commentary on Japanese press on Second Life and the PacRimX Project.   


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