Edutopia Article on PacRimX


Pacific Rim Exchange is featured in an Edutopia article this month:

Student Exchange Without the Jet Lag

The article does a very nice job of covering the Pacific Rim Exchange project. 

This article started back in December with one reporter, and was later picked up by Rob Baedeker.  Rob did a great job of talking to all of the key stakeholders in the project, and also interviewing two of the founding students (Leslie Bank and Corey Trevena).  The article is balanced between covering both the Modesto and Kyoto perspectives on the project, and how the project will evolve over the coming months. 

Since this interview was completed we have increased our population to 15 students (including the 4 founding students) and 14 adults (including the 3 founding).  We are scheduled to bring on upwards of 40 Kyoto students in April, with the Modesto students likely coming online when school starts back in the Fall.  

This project has hit all of our major milestones to date, and we are on track to keep the momentum rolling in the coming months. 

Keep an eye on this blog for updates as we move forward with this exciting project.   


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