Philip and Blue Linden Speak on Teen Grid

Global Kids Island is celebrating their one year “rez day“.  As part of the festivities, Philip (Founder and CEO of Linden Lab) and Blue Linden participated in a group discussion on the past, present and future of the Teen Grid of Second Life:

Transcript of Global Kids Event

I don’t want to quote anything from the discussion out of context, so click the link above and take a read.  There are some very interesting comments in there about teens and education. 

The one comment I would add, from the discussion about how teens use SL, is that teens seem to build much more than most adults do on the main grid.  I’ve noticed that once a teen is given rights to build they literally explode in their talent and creativity of what they build.  And what they build does not stay around long, they tear down and rebuild over and over again. 

It’s the imagination of teens that breath life into the PacRimX Island, and the Teen Grid as a whole.   


One response to “Philip and Blue Linden Speak on Teen Grid

  1. Very true. Very true. And interestingly enough, each teen develops their own building expertise, whether scripting, avatar design, clothing design, architecture, etc. They then create ad-hoc networks and collaborations to combine their experise, when necessary, to create larger projects.

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