PacRimX @ CoSN K12 International Symposium, San Francisco

CoSNTomorrow, March 27th, I will be participating in the CoSN K12 International Symposium as part of a panel discussion.

I was asked to put together a 10 minute video of the PacRimX Island, with students interacting with each other in shared activities.  I have one version of the video ready and it’s in Windows Media Format (WMV).  The file is 39mb in size.  This is NOT a streaming server, so you need to save this file from the link below. 

“Save As” from this link: PacRimX CoSN Presentation

I am working on getting this converted to Quicktime.  I will post as soon as I have it.  Someone took a shot at it, but the resolution took a huge hit and it came out very grainy (unusable).  I guess I need to find some conversion software.

Any feedback on this video would be great before tomorrow.  There are three of us presenting in the 9:30am – 10:45am time slot.  We each have a video, and there will be an open discussion moderated by Lilla Voss, Chief Advisor, Department of Primary, Lower Secondary and General Adult Education, Denmark Ministry of Education.

This should be a great conference.  I was already scheduled to attend this symposium as an attendee, and now I get to share our project. 

note: Audio Track from San Francisco CoSN session has been removed, please email me if you attended and would like the version with audio.


2 responses to “PacRimX @ CoSN K12 International Symposium, San Francisco

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  2. I really love this video on a number of levels. Firstly the visual element is a great demonstration of leveraging SL – for me it is all about projects, collaboration, imagination, building and the communication needed to facilitate these tasks. But I also loved the Japanese audio that complimented this. It is a lovely example of mashup/remix that is mainstream in our students culture. It complimented the builds on the sim and their discussion about going to Japan. The actual techniques being used are partly a mix of drill and kill but actually done in a way that almost sounded like the suggestopedia methodology. And it was ‘light’, playful but full of learning … which is how I feel when I’m learning in these virtual worlds! 🙂

    Great work Stan, the builders and everyone else involved. Yay!


    p.s. can you tell I’m an ex-language teacher!

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