Coldwell Banker Selling Second Life Properties

Watch out Anshe Chung, someone else wants a piece of the virtual real estate action!  Coldwell Banker announced this past week that they are entering the real estate market in the virtual world of Second Life:


“We are incredibly excited to be a part of Second Life, the most explosively popular community on the Internet,” says Charlie Young, senior vice president, marketing, Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation. “Like the Second Life members, today’s homeowners are technologically savvy so it’s paramount that we offer them the opportunity to engage with, and experience, our brand in a variety of different ways, whether in the real or virtual world. Second Life is an excellent virtual platform that will enable us to interact with consumers where they are meeting today, in online 3-D communities.”

Seems at the moment, according to the article, they are focused on a development of 500 homes on 550,000 square meters in the Ranchero section of the Second Life mainland.  Not sure what the commission in on virtual property, but this is a very interesting development.  What are the closing costs on a virtual house?

Living in California, I know there’s a glut of “former” real estate agents walking the streets.  I wonder how many of them are virtual world literate?  It would be really cool to see an agent set up a private island with their top real life properties modeled in the virtual world.  Talk about taking a quick tour of houses to see if you want to take the time to go look in RL.  One can only hope.


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