Map of Companies in Second Life

Nic Mitham at KZero has posted a Map of Companies in Second Life.  It’s pretty cool, and a nice place to start if you are looking for some high end examples of properties in Second Life. 

As everyone probably already knows, SLURL has been having MAJOR problems since the release of Internet Explorer 7.0  Portals to groups of specific locations will become more an more important as Second Life grows, an expecially once the grids/servers are able to be licensed and independently operarted (and linked back to Linden Lab).  Search sites and Portals will go hand in hand with this move. 

Added:  V1.3 of Map that includes Universities


One response to “Map of Companies in Second Life

  1. hi there. many thanks for your post.
    the second life brand map is regularly updated and hosted on this URL:

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