Dance Online!

Dance Online!

I will probably catch some flak over this post, but I just had to post this story.  This really shows how far MMO’s are pushing into the mainstream and “cool” markets. 

Dance! Online is Acclaim Games Inc’s entry into the massive multiplayer online market.  They are going after the Dance Dance Revolution crowd.  Input is via keyboard or USB pad.  They will make their money off of microtransactions for avatar accessories. 

They are in Open BETA right now (meaning FREE).  If this is your cup of tea, it might be worth a look. 

Dance! Online

In my playtime now I am wandering the lands of Tolkien in the Open BETA of Lord of the Ring Online.

Lord of the Rings Online: World Tour 

My kids and I made the decision to put our World of Warcraft accounts on hold, and we have purchased two accounts for the upcoming release of LOTRO at the end of April.  They have a great deal running now during the open BETA.  By preordering you can lock in a “Founders” rate of $9.95/month or single pay $195 for a lifetime membership.  I am bumping into a lot of WOW players in LOTRO.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy“.  You gotta have some fun in there somewhere.   


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