Angel Island Preview – Main Grid

There’s an excellent article up at Campus Technology on the soon to be released Angel Island on the Main Grid of Second Life:

Preview: Angel Learning Island on Second Life

This project is a partnership between Angel Learning and the Second Life Educators Community (SLED).  A quote from the article best explains the purpose of this new project and virtual space on the Main Grid for educators:

“The idea behind Angel Learning Island is to provide a space for educators to experiment with learning scenarios, meetings, and other kinds of interaction with students (and each other) in a virtual world. The island is free for all (not just Angel LMS customers), so educators can learn about Second Life–the basics, as well as advanced techniques–before investing any campus resources and before committing to any one particular approach to learning in a virtual environment.”

This is a great new resource that is long overdue.  Far too many educators don’t know how to get started, or even where to turn for support in getting a project off the ground in Second Life.  So many posts to the SLED listserv ask “Where can I find …..” or “Who can I talk to ……” and “How do I learn to …..”. 

There will soon be a place we can all point these people to start their journey (May 15th is the official launch for the island).

Some of the features of Angel Island include:

  • Classrooms that hold up to 20 avatars;
  • Scheduling resources;
  • Historical avatars; and
  • Links to other education sites of interest within Second Life.

It’s too bad that there’s no way to implement something like this for K-12 educators on the Teen Grid under the current Terms of Service Agreement for Second Life.  Outside of a private island, there really is no virtual space for K-12 educators to intereact with their students in a learning environment.   

There’s a link at the end of the article linked above for people to get involved in the final BETA testing of this new island. 

This is great news for Second Life educators everywhere.  We need more projects like this.  Until there’s an Education Grid, projects like this will advance the cause of education in the Second Life universe, and allow educators to experiment with the technology before seeking funding for their own projects.    


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