Virginia Tech Memorial – Day Three

Milosun adding portaits
Milosun Czeruik adding portraits to the Memorial Wall

The amazing outpouring of support from the online education community continues today in Second Life. I dropped in to place some flowers tonight at the memorial and was taken back by how much this memorial has grown over the past 24 hours.

MTV picked this story up today and posted a story on their website:

Virginia Tech Teacher Builds Memorial Wall In Virtual World

Milosun Czeruik (avatar name) is the SLED member who works at Virgina Tech that gave the listserv their first word from the campus just after the violence Monday morning. Milosun came to visit the memorial yesterday and added the wall made out of “Hokie Stone”, a type of stone that covers many of the buildings at Virginia Tech. Tonight Milosun was back adding portraits of all of the victims to the memorial wall, while others stood by watching:

Milosun working on wall
Milosun Czeruik adding portraits to the Memorial Wall
His contribution to the memorial

The center of the memorial
The center of the memorial where candles and flowers are being placed

The left side of the memorial
The left side of the memorial wall

This memmorial site is growing daily in both size and involvement from the Second Life community.  I found out today that statue of the person kneeling and crying, asking “why?”, was the first object that was placed here Monday.  The rest of this memorial grew out of this single act by a Second Life resident. 

These types of memorials are usually limited to the geographic area of the event.  Most people only get to see these on the evening news.  Here you can sit down and take it all in, then get up and walk among the flowers and other items that people have left, stopping to read notes left by others.  This virtual memorial is allowing people from around the globe to come and take a moment of silence, share their prayers, and show their respect for those who lost their lives as a result of this horrible act of violence.   


One response to “Virginia Tech Memorial – Day Three

  1. Edward D Iannielli III

    I am deeply saddened by the recent events that took place at Va Tech last week. My heart goes out to the innocent victims and their grieving families. I pray for healing at Va Tech as a whole campus mourns this horrific tragedy as well as all college campuses across this country and throughout the world.

    As a former student of Va Tech I am so saddened and shocked and I pray for healing and comfort for all at the school. It truly is a tremendous school and I have a special place in my heart for Va Tech.

    God Bless all affected by this senseless tragedy.

    This is a beautiful tribute memorial. I cry everytime I see all the pictures of the students and teachers who have passed.

    May you all be at peace and your grieving families find inner strength from this day on.

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