Official Memorial Established – Land Donated by Linden Lab

New Memorial Site

The first site of the Virginia Tech Memorial is really getting crowded.  When wandering through the statues and flowers tonight I came upon a marker offering teleport to a new memorial site.  Upon teleporting (Fame 182, 92, 28) I received this notecard:

The land for this memorial site was donated by Linden Labs. This memorial will remain here until the end of May, 2007.

We deeply miss the ones we lost on April 16, 2007. Our sense of loss is profound. The professors and instructors lost already were making a tremendous impact on the world around them. The students who died were just starting to show that potential.

Please take time to read the biographies of each individual – and you are encouraged to explore the web for further information about them.

If you would like to leave something behind as your way to remember the victims, please limit it to no more than 3 prims. We want as many people to be able to leave something as possible.

If you would like to contribute to the Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund, there is information about it at a platform on the NorthWest corner of the plot.

Thank you.

-Milosun Czervik

A long “Hokie Stone Wall” dominates this island memorial with larger portraits of each of those lost in this tragedy.  Each portrait has a link to a biography from the Roanoke Times Newspaper

Hokie Wall

There’s a place set to the side that is selling T-Shirts in-world to support the “Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund“. 

Last night I was watching one young lady working on an intricate object. She was not talking to anyone, but entirely focused on her creation.  Here she is enlarged from the picture posted last night.

VTech Girl

Tonight when I went back the finished product was sitting in the place where she had been working the night before.

New Names Monument

Far too many people are quick to dismiss virtual worlds like Second Life as only games.  Others rush to the news shows after a tragedy like this to blame video games for these events, and the loss of life. 

The media outlets shine their cameras into every corner of our society looking for experts to explain to us why this had to happen.  Mourning students, teachers and families are captured on camera, and often pushed to tears, with aggressive and personal questioning about their thoughts on the tragedy. 

The killer’s are given their 15 minutes (and then some) with non-stop media coverage of every facet of their twisted lives, and detailed analysis of every personal effect left behind.  It’s a sickening cycle that intensifies with every successive campus shooting.  This killer produced his own multimedia manifesto, providing the news outlets with ample material for their broadcasts.

Will this violence against school campuses never end?  Will the media’s thirst to saturate their broadcasts with continuous coverage of these massacres ever be quenched?  Who’s really feeding the cycle of violence here? 

And yet it is here, in this virtual world that has not yet been invaded by the media, where people can come and mourn in peace.  In this space they can escape the spotlight and the reporters.  Students and teachers can sit side by side, sharing their thoughts and emotions without a camera or microphone invading their privacy.

There are no satellite dishes here, no news trucks, no helicopters, reporters or live broadcasts.  Visitors can reflect in peace and contemplate the tragic loss of these precious souls.  It is only in this “game” that this event can be memorialized in peace and with respect.  If only the real world were still like this, the way it was before 24 hour news broadcasts and reality TV. 


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  1. What a great posting… I really appreciated reading it. Thanks for stopping by the memorials, too – your support means a lot.

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