Island Update

Things have been very busylately, and I’ve not been able to make as many posts to the blog as I would like to.  A lot has been happening on the island and we prepare for the arrival of the Kyoto students over the next few weeks.  Here’s a list of updates on the island.  I will get pictures posted over the next few days of these new developments:

  • Kyoto Island now has student housing.  Two dorm structures have been put up to house the 35 new Kyoto students, giving them some private space. 
  • A wall of floating platforms have been added to the Kyoto Island.  These are labeled with each student name and number.  Kyoto students will use these platforms to “turn in” there building assignments.
  • Teacher housing is up on Kyoto Island.  A replica of the Kyoto Tower is on top of this complex. 
  • The student “sandbox” has been completed on Kyoto Island.
  • The wall around Kyoto Island is complete, it is modeled after a real castle wall with towers from Kyoto.
  • Student dorms are up on Modesto Island.  About half have already been claimed by students and moved into. 
  • Teacher housing is up on the main PacRimX Island.  A nice park area with tide pools and crashing waves with seating areas exist below this high rise structure.  I’ve already had students asking why the teachers have better housing then they do.   
  • A working translator has been found for the island!!!  A SL scripter who has a Translation HUD has agreed to support our project with his translator.  This will be a combined version of Babbler/deBabbler.  He is going through his background check now and will soon have an account on the island.  He will place a few vendors on the island to distribute his HUD, and the vendors will also allow him to update the code from time to time for Island residents.  We are very grateful to have this item secured, as it is critical to the success of the project.  Many thanks are in order on this one. 
  • We are hopeful that we will be added to the voice BETA in a few weeks.  This will really be beneficial to our project, and enhance the language learning that we want to take place on the island.

Look for a flurry of pictures between now and the weekend.  The island is really shaping up nicely.   


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