Kyoto Students Arrive on the Island!

Today was the day that all 35 Kyoto students logged in for the first time.  Another major milestone for PacRimX.  We are also getting our Babbler/DeBabbler v3.0 vendor installed by none other than Max Case, the author of the HUD translator.  What a day.

At exactly 5:00pm PDT today (May 1, 2007) the Kyoto students started to rez on the Kyoto Island of the PacRimX chain.  The instructors had previously logged into each account and positioned each student on their own platform (pictures to follow tomorrow).  Each platform has the students number and name.  These platforms are going to be used for turning in building projects for grading.  I was not aware of the preparation that had been done in positioning the Kyoto student avatars, so even I was amazed as they rezzed one by one into the wall of platforms. 

In rapid succession, generic male and female avatars started to appear on platforms resulting in a wall of people.  As each got their bearings, some flew and some dropped from their platforms onto the island.  The mini-map was painted with a large stripe of green.  Little by little the students fanned out across the islands, picking secluded spots, and they started modifying their appearances. 

A contingency of Modesto students were online for their arrival.  They stated arriving on the island around 4:00pm, knowing that the Kyoto students would be arriving at 5:00pm.  They were actually quite anxious for this arrival, as they have been anticipating this day for over a month now.  It was interesting to see their reactions as one after another Kyoto students arrived.  After a quick head count they figured out that they were now outnumbered 2 to 1 by the Kyoto students.  The Modesto students on the island now are from multimedia classes, or hand selected by a teacher in the program.  The Modesto exchange students will not even be identified until the start of school in September. 

Only a few Kyoto students said hello to the Modesto students.  Their limited English speaking skills were apparent as the Modesto students tried to ask them questions.  Max Case has been given access to the PacRimX islands to place a vendor for his Babbler/Debabbler HUD translator on the island.  As I type this he is on the island building his vending machine for his translator.  We are so grateful that Max has agreed to make this important component to our program available on the island for our students to use.  Linden Lab went out of their way to get Max through his background check, and to grant him access to our island.  The Modesto students can’t wait to attach their new HUD’s and greet their new friends on the island. 

I walked out of my office tonight without my screenshots that I took this evening.  I will post them to our Flickr page, and also post a few here in the morning.  One other technical issue with our groups was resolved this morning by Claudia at Linden Lab.  With all the worrying these past few weeks, it appears that all the final pieces have fallen into place just in time for the arrival of the Kyoto students.  It took a lot of people and a ton of hours to get to this point.  Now we embark on the next phase of our project.

Today was a very good day. 


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