Linden to outsource Second Life orientation

Reuter’s has an article up on Linden Lab outsourcing resident orientation:

Linden to outsource Second Life orientation

This makes a lot of sense.  PacRimX is already using the BETA API’s to create our student accounts.  As the article states:

“The downloads utilize Linden Lab’s Registration API (RegAPI) to designate specific starting points for new avatars. The API, or Application Programming Interface, allows software engineers to interact with Linden’s servers and enroll new residents.”

Retention rates are very low for people randomly entering through the default Orientation Island (less than 10% if memory serves).  People will only “connect” with Second Life if they find someone that shares interests with them, or locations of interest to them. 

Imagine how much better it would be if a person in education came to a site like PacRimX, took an interest in Second Life, was able to register a new account from our page, and was then teleported to a public space we had on the main grid.  The probability of encountering others who have your same interests would be high, and a virtual portal to other education sites could be waiting to guide you to your first 20 locations in SL (sort of like what they are doing on Angel Island with their virtual portal). 

This is another wise move on Linden Lab’s part, putting even more control in the hands of its residents.  Can I please have my own grid now? 


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