Aquarium Building Completed

After a few marathon building sessions, the base PacRimX Aquarium structure has been completed! 

The aquarium is being modeled after the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California.  This is a favorite destination of our exchange students, so it was only logical to build a miniature version on the island.  We are now taking student project submissions for exhibits at the Aquarium.  They do not even have to be fish related to be included, but must have some entertainment or educational value. 

Our first project was suggested by one of our Modesto City Schools students, Solic Modesto.  He had been building floating multi-story mazes above the island.  He had gotten quite good at it, and they were pretty challenging, increasing in difficulty with each new floor.  A large area in the attic area was set aside for him to build a larger and more challenging maze for the students. 

Here are a few shots of the aquarium structure:

Front Face of Aquarium
Front of the PacRimX Aquarium Structure as viewed from Modesto Island

Diving Bay Area - Rear of Aquarium
Diving Bay area behind the Aquarium, complete with boat dock

Boat Dock and Diving Area
Boat Dock and Diving Area close-up

Solic Maze Construction
Giere Modesto helps Solic Modesto with the construction of his Aquarium Attic Maze Attraction

Full size images of these screenshots have been uploaded to our Aquarium Flickr page.


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