Can a bowl of fruit be beautiful?

Ok, over the past few weeks I’ve seen several people mention that Linden Lab is going to be adding sculpted prims to Second Life.  Yeah ok, whatever.  The meter on my excitement meter barely twitched when I read about this.  I have seen the crude SketchUp importers, I know what Maya and other 3D editors can do.  But how does all this affect Second Life, and what I can build?

Tonight I stumbled on a Wiki page on the Second Life Wiki.  All I can say is that I am stunned.  The graphic is only of a bowl of fruit.  But I’ve built a lot of things in my four years of using Second Life, and I’ve only dreamed of being able to produce these kinds of shapes prior to seeing this detailed explanation about sculpted prims,  I am not going to go into any details, as this link will explain it all.  I can’t wait………..

Sculpted Prims – Second Life Wiki

May 23rd is the projected date for this feature to be part of the standard viewer, that’s May 23rd of 2007!


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