Serious games = serious training

Federal Computer Week has an article up on education and serious games:

Serious games = serious training

The article focuses on many examples of government funded games that are used in education, including the military and emergency response.  This article quotes Henry Kelly, President of the Federation of American Scientists:

“Research indicates that games are especially well-suited to teaching organizational and management skills. Henry Kelly, president of FAS, said many of the most successful commercial games require organizational and management skills to win. He cited, for example, the popular online game “World of Warcraft,” which had more than 7 million subscribers in 2006. People play the game in organized groups in which team members have specific roles and responsibilities.”

I had the pleasure of meeting Henry at the CoSN International Symposium in San Francisco this past March.  He was very curious about the PacRimX project, and in general was a strong advocate of educational games.  We had the opportunity to talk several times during the confernce, and he had some very interesting thoughts on education and gaming.  He sat on the final panel of the day at the Symposium, contributing his point of view to the discussion. 

There’s upcoming legislation that may help bring some much needed funding to this area of research:

“Some serious game supporters hope that lawmakers might soon address the funding problem. On April 24, the Senate discussed the America Creating Opportunities to Meaningfully Promote Excellence in Technology, Education and Science Act. That bill would provide money for education research technology and would include serious games. Lawmakers in the House are expected to introduce a similar version of the bill.”

This is an excellent article and well worth your time to read it.


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